Crack oil 10 ways

Made lovingly with peanuts, sesame, miso & lots of other Unami flavours, this condiment will be sure to light the fire with any dish that you desire.  

However if creativity in the kitchen just isn't you bag, let us suggest some great ways to use this versatile oil. 

1. Drizzle some over your avocado & eggs on toast.

2.  Add 1 tbsp of crack oil to a squeeze of lemon juice and drizzle over your salads instead of using a dressing.

3. Had enough of the end of that plain hummus? Add a spoon of crack oil over the top to give it an added depth of flavour. 

4. Eat your greens! Add a spoon to any green veggies that need a little lift.

5. Grab a bag of your fave dumplings from the supermarket, cook them how you like and dip them straight in to the jar of crack oil.

6. Dollop some on to your roasted pumpkin, add a little creme fraiche or yoghurt to cut through the richness and a handful of fresh herbs. 

7. Add some to your ramen/bibimbap bowl.

8. Grab yourself a crusty loaf of bread, a good burrata cheese and a fresh juicy peach, pop your loaf in the oven for 10mins, grill your peaches on a high temp then serve with your burrata and a good topping of crack oil. 

9. Use it as a marinade. Looking for a quick and easy dinner? Just add a couple of tablespoons to your steak or tofu and serve with cavolo nero and broccoli. 

10. Add it to your potatoes - weather fried, boiled, baked or roasted, once cooked smoother in lashings of crack oil and let the flavour party begin! 


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